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Student feedback

“Amazing opportunity provided by Airbus and Springpod. Very interactive, challenging and at the same time interesting and enjoyable. Thankyou to all the people behind the initiative.”


“They offer great opportunities and this can be great for adding to your CV. Especially in this time as there is a lockdown it’s great to gain information and skills.”


“Absolutely amazing place for virtual work experience.”


“The best experience ever!”


“The Finance Insight Day was fantastic! I’ve gained better understanding of working world and developed my commercial awareness. Very grateful that Springpod provided this opportunity!”


“Springpod has amazing service and is completely beneficial for young adults looking to explore their career path. It's the perfect platform for connecting students with employers and opportunities. I have gained invaluable guidance after attending insight days.”

Virtual Work Experience

Common Questions

Please take a look at the FAQs below; and If you still need help, you can speak to our team on Live Chat. Monday to Friday (9am - 6pm).
What device should I use?
Use a desktop computer if you’re able to and use the Chrome browser.
What if I can’t attend a live talk?
Don’t worry if you can’t attend a webinar a recording will be added for you to watch on-demand.
What times are the webinars and where can I watch them?
You can find all the webinars within the live webinar section of your virtual work experience programme. You can resume your virtual work experience programme by going to our work experience platform and signing in below.

The webinars typically last for about 40 minutes to an hour, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers via a Q&A function.
Do I need to watch the webinar to do the activities?
We recommend that you watch the webinars live where possible, as the industry experts and professionals will be able to give you insights that you may wish to use for the activity. However, for most programmes, you should be able to complete the activities and quizzes with the information that has been provided too.
What software do you use for the live talks?
We use a tool called BigMarker & YouTube Live for our live talks that won’t require you to download anything.
What if I can’t upload my work?
Please try saving your work as a PDF before uploading it.
I can’t sign in because my password isn’t working
If you forgot your password then you should be able to reset it here:

Don’t forget your work experience account is different from your main Springpod account so your passwords won’t be the same.
Where do I resume the programme?
You can resume your virtual work experience programme by going to our work experience platform and signing in here:
I never received an email inviting me to join a programme?
If you completed the application process before the deadline then you should have received an email informing you whether or not you have a place. If you did not then please email:
Do I need my camera on for Live Talks?
No, not at all! You do not need your camera on at any time. Just be sure you have a good set of speakers or headphones for the live talks.
Will I receive a certificate?
Yes, you will receive a certificate on completion of your programme. This will be emailed to you.
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