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What are Degree Tasters?

Degree Taster Programmes - our brand new virtual university experiences - have been created to give you an insight into both course content and university life.

Try before you apply

Get an in-depth look into what it’s like to study at university, featuring an interactive look into the content of your course of choice.

Get the advice you need

Discover vital university lifestyle tips and employability advice for when that time comes to enter the world of work.

Fit it around your schedule

Each Programme consists of 10-hours of work, which can be completed flexibly over the course of two weeks, complete with live webinars with notable academics, taster activities, reflection tasks and interactive quizzes.

Stand out from the competition

Once you complete a programme you'll receive a certificate, which will look great on your personal statement or CV.

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October 27, 2021

Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Jesus College, University of Oxford - a Degree Taster Programme

The University of Oxford
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September 1, 2021

University of Plymouth Engineering Degree Taster Programme

Learn more

Psychology Degree Taster

Learn more

Law Degree Taster

Learn more

Journalism Degree Taster

Learn more

English Degree Taster

Learn more

Engineering Degree Taster

Learn more

Business Degree Taster

Learn more

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Each Degree Taster Programme will cover the following areas to equip you to make informed decisions on your university career:

  • You'll gain an overview of your preferred subject area.
  • You'll explore the core content of the Degree course, including live webinars with academics (with opportunity for Q&A).
  • You'll hear important advice on university life, ranging from health & wellbeing and managing time to money management and punctuality.
  • You'll cover vital employability tips, such as how to build a CV, how to write a cover letter, preparing for applying, interviews skills and much more.

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Student feedback

“Amazing opportunity provided by Airbus and Springpod. Very interactive, challenging and at the same time interesting and enjoyable. Thankyou to all the people behind the initiative.”


“They offer great opportunities and this can be great for adding to your CV. Especially in this time as there is a lockdown it’s great to gain information and skills.”


“Absolutely amazing place for virtual work experience.”


“The best experience ever!”


“The Finance Insight Day was fantastic! I’ve gained better understanding of working world and developed my commercial awareness. Very grateful that Springpod provided this opportunity!”


“Springpod has amazing service and is completely beneficial for young adults looking to explore their career path. It's the perfect platform for connecting students with employers and opportunities. I have gained invaluable guidance after attending insight days.”

Virtual Degree Tasters

Frequently asked questions

Still in doubt about retail apprenticeships? Take a look at some of the questions that are frequently asked about these apprenticeships.
How do retail apprenticeships work?
During your retail apprenticeship, you will be working in a real job where you learn, get real experience and earn pay. This means you'll be recognised as a contracted employee with the right to holiday leave. During your apprenticeship, you'll also develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed for your career. You'll also receive a real qualification upon completion, which depending on the level you chose, can be recognised as highly as a university degree.
How long are retail apprenticeships?
The length of time that it takes to complete an apprenticeship program depends on the particular scheme that you are on. However, a level 2 apprenticeship requires a minimum of 1 year, level 3 apprenticeships typically require between 15-18 months and levels 4, 5, 6 and 7, between 3 and 5 years.
What level of qualification does a retail apprenticeship provide?
The level of qualification a retail apprenticeship will provide depends on the stated level of that apprenticeship.A level 3 qualification is equivalent to A levels. Schemes are also available at the higher level of 4, which is more comparable to a foundation degree. Finally, schemes are also available at level 7 and equivalent to a post-gradate degree.

The level of scheme which you are accepted for will depend on your academic performance, so it's always best practice to clarify what the entry requirements are for the schemes that you wish to apply for.
Will I get paid during my retail apprenticeship?
When you're on an apprenticeship scheme, you are a full-time employee with a contract, and therefore will be paid a regular wage. Wages will vary depending on the scheme you choose and employer you work for. It's possible to earn above the minimum wage requirement, but employers must ensure that they are at least paying their apprentices at least the minimum wage.
How do I apply for a retail apprenticeship?
Applying for a retail apprenticeship couldn't be easier. All you have to do is browse the opportunities on this page, create your free Springpod account and apply today it's - really that easy!

By creating your free Springpod account you'll also be kept in the loop about the latest apprenticeships opportunities and resources, to give yourself the best chance at gaining a place on your preferred scheme.
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