Level Up Explained

A step-by-step guide to understand the process

Step 1 - Create your Springpod account

The first step is to create your Springpod account. Springpod will allow you to apply for numerous virtual work experience programmes, find and apply for apprenticeships and learn about career opportunities.

If you use the link below then you’ll be taken to Step 2 immediately and be able to enroll on Level Up and join the work experience programme.

Create your account

Step 2 - Enroll on Level Up! And create your work experience account

If you signed up for Springpod independently and didn’t use the link from Step 1 then you can enroll on Level Up using the link below:

Enroll on Level Up

Once you’ve enrolled you should be able to go straight into Level Up!

Step 3 - Return to Level Up to carry on with your work

Whenever you want to go back to the programme you can sign in to the work experience platform using the link below:

Sign in to the platform

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