Feature: Destination Data

Helping schools & academies automate the collection of destination data

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Destination data is vital to your school’s future success but is often inconsistent and time-consuming to collect. By adopting Springpod, you can boost student enrolment numbers by showcasing compelling destination statistics that will impress prospective parents and make your school stand out.

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Automate the grunt work

Our platform positively influences your student’s outcomes, by enabling them to explore career paths and to interact with prestigious employers from the beginning of KS3. Springpod’s smart algorithm will then progressively collect student interest data, empowering your school to have one tool and one process for obtaining school leaver outcomes.

Enable students to add predicted destination outcomes throughout the school year
Ask students to confirm their destination on results day by using Springpod’s simple to use destination confirmation feature
Sit back and relax while Springpod converts school leavers into alumni, providing your school with an up-to-date alumni database
Over the course of 3 months, Springpod will send post-follow-up confirmation emails to alumni, ensuring your data is kept precise

Measure beyond a spreadsheet

Our destination reports aggregate all school leaver outcomes into a beautiful dashboard enabling your SLT, Governors and Ofsted to understand with clarity how your school is performing.

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Use destination data to stand out

Filter through your granular data set and pull impressive statistics about how your school has performed. Use this data in your prospectus and on your marketing website to entice and nurture prospective students and their parents.

  • Destination type
  • Destination level
  • Industry Group
  • Salary Band
  • Company Name
  • Russell Group
  • Ethnic Group
  • Gender

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