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Through personalised profiles, handy resources and multimedia content, employers can utilise Springpod to embed their employer brand within school & college curriculum
to inspire future talent

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Company ambassadors

The perfect way to establish connections with your future talent pipeline is through company ambassadors. Representatives of your company, ambassadors provide engaging testimonials and insightful answers to student questions.

Limited and safeguarded, ambassadors act as a bridge between you and the student, enabling students to gain a tangible, day-to-day understanding of job roles and what it’s like working for you.


Work experience

Post live work experience opportunities on Springpod. By selecting desired skills and interests for the positions when posting, we are able to efficiently target the ideal candidates for your opportunity, connecting you with the best matches and the stars of the show.

We’re flexible; you can integrate your work experience application process within our platform, or you can just link students to your own external application process. Either way, reap the benefits of a huge pool of STEM students and get the students just right for your placements.

Online webinars

Use Springpod as a platform to host webinars to reach out to the thousands of students using the platform, developing a talent pipeline engaged and connected with your business.

The webinars, which are live-streamed across educational institutions around the UK, can feature speakers from within your company or outsourced external speakers that discuss a topic integral to your brand and operations


Event promotion

Careers fairs, workshops, skills sessions. Lots of work and organisation goes into recruitment and careers events throughout the year where they are key to building your brand awareness and attracting talent.

Springpod works with you on this, promoting your events within our network of students to ensure your events get the traffic and attention they deserve.

Attract students through

Attract students through profile personalisation and resource sharing, transforming passive students into engaged pupils inspired by your company and industry, eager to learn more


Hire students through

Amongst the pool of talent engaging with your company, headhunt your future stars and convert them from candidates into employees