The new era of student attraction

Through personalised profiles, handy resources and multimedia content, employers can utilise Springpod to embed their employer brand within school & college curriculum
to inspire future STEM talent

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Company Profile

Acting as your Springpod identity, company profiles can be personalised and tailored to reflect your brand and values to ensure students understand what you’re about from the get-go. Your profile is the heart of Springpod and features key elements for attracting students, covering everything from your exciting career paths to social media.

Explore pathways

Careers library

Bursting with careers pulled from the National Careers Service, Springpod is a hub for career exploration for students with all interests. Alongside this, you can add your very own career paths to showcase to students the company-specific journeys that you offer within the world of work.

You can personalise career paths via sections on career progression, entry requirements, required skills and more. These career paths then take a place in our virtual careers library and your company profile.

Lesson plans

Embed your culture and career paths within Springpod lesson plans, becoming resources that are infused into school & college curriculum.

Create interactive and exciting lesson plans that help raise awareness of your company and industry within the parameters of the classroom.

lesson plan
featured articles

Featured articles

Work with us to create captivating and informative blog pieces that reach out to students and get them thinking about ways they can engage with you.

From an interview with someone on your graduate scheme to an “In Focus” piece on your business, we have a team of writers who can assist in connecting you with the right students through cutting-edge copy.

Video content

The language of Generation Z is fewer words, more image – so you can use Springpod as a platform to showcase video content to secondary school students.

You can show engaging multimedia content on your profile, including promotional material, interviews or videos that give students a glimpse of what it’s like to work for them. You can use Springpod as a platform to utilise technology in a way that speaks directly to your target students.


Educate students through Springpod

Build a bridge between you and your talent pipeline by interacting with students engaged with your company and help educate them about your industry and career paths


Hire students through

Amongst the pool of talent engaging with your company, headhunt your future stars and convert them from candidates into employees