A smart way to build your
future talent pipeline

Enabling STEM employers to attract, educate and hire entry-level talent through an online solution that is embedded within school & college curriculum. It is a great way to build your employer brand, inspire young people and talent spot from a diverse pool of school leavers.


The Future Talent Engagement Methodology

With the STEM skills shortage and the apprenticeship levy, competition for STEM students is fast-growing, but the talent pool is draining. 43% of STEM roles are hard to fill and so gone are the days where posting a job advert will get you the star candidate.

Finding STEM-savvy candidates and effectively attracting Generation Z – a group socialised into a technological world fuelled by virtual interaction – requires a much slicker, smarter and high-tech approach. In this new era of early talent recruitment, employers interacting and educating with their future talent pipeline is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Springpod’s Future Talent Engagement Methodology is the key to this, allowing employers to focus on an attraction and recruitment strategy that will increase the size and quality of that all-important talent pipeline.


Attract passive students

Attract students through profile personalisation and resource sharing, transforming passive students into engaged pupils inspired by your company and industry, eager to learn more.

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Educate engaged students

Build a bridge between you and your talent pipeline by interacting with students engaged with your company and help educate them about your industry and career paths.

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Hire informed candidates

Amongst the pool of talent engaging with your company, headhunt your future stars and convert them from candidates into employees.

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Helping early career attraction teams build an engaged talent pipeline

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