Employer Packages

The complete early career attraction, education and hiring solution

Springpod for Early Career Attraction

  • Company profile: Personalise your very own Springpod identity via your company profile which can include the history of your company as well as lovely aesthetics, including a logo and header.
  • Career paths: Showcase an unlimited amount of career paths, demonstrating to students the types of careers they could achieve within your business.
  • Video: Display interactive media that will give your future talent pipeline a glimpse into life at your company.
  • Featured articles: Collaborate with us and create a featured article. Whether it’s an interview or an in-focus piece, use a featured article to reach out to the thousands of students on Springpod.

Springpod for Early Career Education

  • Company ambassadors: Connect an unlimited amount of company ambassadors with your future talent pipeline, where they can provide students with informative testimonials and insightful answers to their questions.
  • Online webinars: Be guaranteed an online webinar, live streamed to educational institutions around the UK, with additional slots available as add-ons.
  • Lesson plans: Sponsor a lesson plan that will be circulated to teachers around the UK and used as a resource for valuable CEIAG.
  • Work experience: Post work experience opportunities and manage applications internally or externally – just take your pick.
  • Events: Utilise Springpod to promote your events to the thousands of students using the platform.

Springpod for Early Career Hiring

  • Opportunity posting: Post unlimited apprenticeship or job opportunities on Springpod and allow students to apply in-platform or we can redirect them to your careers site.
  • Opportunity promotion: As soon as a job opportunity is posted on Springpod, we will notify students who have shown an interest in your company, have relevant skills and are within a commutable distance.
  • Candidate management: If you enable students to apply for the role within Springpod, you can manage their application in the platform for a seamless application process.
  • Talent Pool: A new feature available from January 2019, the Springpod Talent Pool will enable you to headhunt students who have engaged with your company and fast-track them to a stage in your recruitment process.