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About Roche

Founded in 1896, Roche is a pioneer in world healthcare. Today, Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally. They have one mission:  to do now what patients need next. And to fulfil this mission, they continue to search for better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and make a sustainable contribution to society. 

With over 136 nationalities working at Roche, they’re big proponents of diversity and inclusion. From flexible working arrangements to rewards for employees who go above and beyond in their contribution to the business, Roche has benefits to suit everyone. If you’re looking for a workplace that encourages you to learn every day, Roche might be perfect for you.

Highlights and Locations

  • 18,000 jobs in the UK
  • £388 million invested in UK R&D in 2018
  • 700,000 people treated with a Roche medicine in the UK
  • 49% women in total workforce
  • 29 Roche medicines included in the WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines

Roche Apprenticeship Programmes

If you are looking to gain hands-on experience with a world leader in healthcare and technology, then a Roche apprenticeship might be a great option for you. 

Advanced Technical Engineering apprenticeship is a 4-year programme combining college-based learning with on-the-job training while working towards a full-funded vocational qualification. 

Digital and Technology Solutions Degree apprenticeship is a 4-year programme that gives you the opportunity to study towards a University degree while working as part of their Technical Services IT team.

Roche Internship Programmes

An internship with Roche could be the perfect place to find out how your discipline looks in action and add some practical experience to your course of study. It’s also a chance to show what you’re made of as you start to make a personal contribution to advancing healthcare. During your internship, you’ll participate in the important work that helps to change patient’s lives all over the world.

Roche currently offers internship opportunities in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Business Studies and Computer Science. broadcast:

Debunking Science stereotypes with Roche

We partnered up with Roche during our Virtual STEM Careers Fair 2019 event and discovered a lot about working in this innovative industry. We heard some inspiring career stories from existing Roche employees, and even broke down some common stereotypes in science.

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