Episode 7: Fujitsu


Cinderella & Ben

In this episode, Louis sits down with Cinderella and Ben from Fujitsu as they give us the low-down on an apprenticeship with Fujitsu a leading technology services company.


About the episode

With a rich heritage of delivering world-class IT services and solutions, Fujitsu believes that through the use of technology, a lot of the world’s problems can be addressed and solved.

Join us as Fujitsu apprentices, Cinderella and Ben, tell us about their roles and reveal how an interest in STEM subjects at school can help you get a leading-edge in your applications.

This episode runs for approximately 15 minutes, and is recommended for students in the age group of 13-19 years. 

Fujitsu Opportunities


Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeship



Data Analyst Degree Apprenticeship



Business & Project Management Degree Apprenticeship


National Apprenticeship
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