All About Degree Apprenticeships


Let's talk degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships offer you the best of both worlds.

It combines full-time paid work with part-time university study, towards a degree that is every bit as good as one from a university. 


And it's all funded - which means  NO student debt. 
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degree apprenticeships

Benefits of a degree apprenticeship

Earn while you learn


Apply your knowledge to real-world problems

Say goodbye to student loan debt

Benefits of a degree apprenticeship

Clear progression progression


Access to the best mentoring

Challenge the status quo

What do employers think of degree apprenticeships?


Through degree apprenticeships, candidates can gain fully- accredited degrees without the debt.

 The development opportunities are great and as an organisation we are generally seeing that the degree apprenticeship routes are the most popular.


A degree apprenticeship is an excellent grounding to your career with a recognised employer.

You’ll gain a wide range of experiences, and will be given the chance to learn and grow through a range of projects.


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