The Gender Inequality of Engineering [Infographic]

Last weekend, we celebrated International Women In Engineering Day, a day to both honour the trailblazers of the industry as well as encourage and hone the female future of the notoriously male-dominated STEM industries. 

Although it was a great day – seeing many people and organisations come together to discuss key issues – it is an issue that needs to be worked on, on a daily basis as gender inequality in STEM and engineering continues to be rife. It’s a topic that we have written about a lot at Springpod, including a blog post and our upcoming e-book, with this conversation including some statistics that make for extremely uncomfortable reading.

With the news that the UK has the lowest amount of female engineers in Europe, we thought we’d break it down to find out the real nitty-gritty stats of women in engineering. And the results are no less than shocking…

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