Talent Gen Z: How to attract, engage and hire this digital generation

Generation Z is coming. Are you ready?

Attracting the best talent rates quite highly on the agenda for most employers. After all, the people that you hire form a crucial part of your work culture and employer brand. Generation Z is the latest cohort to enter the workforce, and as with every new generation, they’re bringing a wave of change with them. The majority of Gen Z job seekers are in the early stages of their career journeys, and this makes it essential for employers to be ready to engage with them soon to leverage the new skills they bring. Research estimates that together with the millennials, Gen Z will make up about 60% of the global workforce by 2020 – which means they are not a group to ignore.

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is a popular term used to address the demographic cohort following the millennial generation. While the jury is still out on who actually coined the phrase, this new group – born between 1995 – 2010 – is a truly digital native generation. Often called Gen Zers, they are as comfortable with the latest gadgets and technology as previous generations were with books and television.

Who is a typical Gen Zer?

The Gen Z persona is continually evolving and adapting according to the changing world around them. However, there is enough research to highlight some of the typical characteristics and traits that have come to be associated with the Gen Z profile.

With almost 96% of Gen Zers owning a smartphone, they are ‘always connected’ courtesy the numerous social media apps at their disposal. But despite their tech-savvy nature, they are cautious about how they use technology. They are also well-informed on issues concerning privacy, and according to findings from IBM’s whitepaper – Uniquely Generation Z– more sensitive about their personal information, especially when sharing it with a company or brand.

Gen Z is also set to form one of the most culturally diverse generations, with nearly 50% belonging to racial or ethnic minorities. While driven by their urge to have an impact on the world, this enterprising bunch is likewise passionate about their hobbies, with almost 76% wishing that their interests would culminate in full-time jobs. Convenience is a feature that defines this generation, and they expect a personalised experience across every aspect of their interaction – be it online or offline.

Attracting Gen Z to your workplace

At Springpod, we understand that many employers struggle with attracting Gen Z  – after all, they’re a different generation with a very unique set of skills and priorities. To attract the right Gen Z talent for your organisation, it is vital to understand them – the way they think and work, what makes them tick, the tools they use the most, and how they hunt for jobs.

In fact, the Gen Z recruitment challenge can be summed up effectively with these four points:

  • Technology is an inherent part of Generation Z’s everyday life. Used to the Internet and smart devices from birth, they are more tech-savvy than previous generations. Therefore, old-school recruitment is no longer a viable option if you’re targeting a Gen Z candidate.
  • For Generation Z, a lucrative career path involves achievable short-term goals as opposed to long-term career prospects. This means a complete benefits package that delivers quicker results is critical to get their attention.
  • Gen Z lives and breathes social media. In fact, social media platforms affect every single facet of their life – and this includes how they search for jobs and new opportunities too. So, employers must harness the power of social media when scouting for new talent.
  • This generation has an entrepreneurial streak that is perhaps courtesy of the post-recession world they grew up in. This, coupled with the search for short-term wins, can sometimes lead them to ‘job hop’ more quickly than previous generations. According to a recent survey by LinkedIn“Gen Z is 3x more likely to change jobs, with 20% of them averaging 4 or more jobs over the short period they’ve been in the workforce”. This can sometimes unsettle employers.

We believe that the solution is to showcase your brand and organisation in a way that appeals to this new dynamic generation of future leaders. Our latest ebook offers you sixeasy-to-implement steps to raise your recruitment game for Generation Z.

Engaging early with Gen Z 

The UK government has long wanted to get employers involved in the career curriculum, thereby offering young people and school leavers aspirational pathways that go beyond traditional work placements. Research from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) shows that there is a strong and clear link between employer engagement and the students’ employability. With Generation Z gearing up to leave school, it is crucial that employers proactively engage with them at the earliest opportunity. In fact, at Springpod, we believe that this is an essential first step towards combating the severe skills shortage that the country has been experiencing, particularly in the STEM industries. 

From work experience opportunities to careers broadcasts, our latest ebook highlights some straightforward solutions that business can utilise to drive their engagement with schools and students. 

Streamlining your Gen Z talent acquisition with Springpod

Springpod was born from our desire to transform the way employers engage with students at school and college. Our app provides not just a pathway to Gen Z students, but also a feature-rich platform that enables you to attract skilled and engaged learners to your talent pool. With practical solutions such as ambassador interactions and careers broadcasts, only Springpod takes your employer brand into the classroom. Our proactive talent acquisition strategies offer you a more efficient solution to help combat the STEM Skills shortage.

Employers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Atkins, Roche and Airbus are actively using Springpod to drive their engagement with future Gen Z prospects through virtual careers fairs, personalised email campaigns and outreach events.

Will you be next?

Download our new ebook today, and find out how Springpod can help make a difference.

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