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We’re empowering the next generation of
Henry Fords and Rosalind Franklins

The Springpod Mission

A few years ago, we recognised both the need for employer engagement within schools and a careers platform to help combat the national skills shortage within the STEM industries. We’re pretty good at multitasking, so we thought we’d do something about them both.

We grafted and created Springpod, a platform connecting students with career paths and companies within the science, tech, engineering and maths industries and building those all-important bridges between schools/colleges and employers.

We’re up and running at the early stages of our journey. But what’s our long-term mission and goal? We aim high and want to enable every student in the UK to connect with an employer so they can achieve their dream destination, all before they leave school.


From cutting-edge ideas by our coders to creative Eureka moments from our design team, at Springpod we’re passionate about pushing visionary boundaries to ensure we are continually at the forefront of innovation within the education technology field.


Our team isn’t afraid of hard work. In fact, we’re pretty much the opposite. Our idea was born from passion, dedication and commitment and it’s these traits that have got us to where we are today. Without our founders and team living and breathing our mission, we would have been long-gone in 2017.

Social good

We aren’t here for the materialistic cravings; we want to make a difference. Too many of us felt dissatisfied with the careers guidance we received at school and so making CEIAG more relevant to today’s world and effective for students is why we exist. We also want to help tackle the STEM skills shortage we are suffering from in the UK. For us, business and social good are inseparable.


If Springpod was a human and in your social circle, we’d be the shoulder you’d cry on. Whether it’s supporting careers teachers and schools through resources or whether it’s our team on live chat who have all-hands-on-deck to help student queries, support is a value that is infiltrated in all parts of our business. Although this sounds undoubtedly cheesy at a Stilton strength level; Springpod is there to support schools, employers and students every step of the way.

Meet the team behind this mission...

Sam Hyams

Managing Director

Oliver Fisher

Commercial Director

Manuel Apilongo


Shola Layinka

Head of Product

Nicky Fasunan

Head of Customer Success

Sid Balachandran

Content Marketing Manager

Sam Matthews

Growth Marketing Manager

Bilyana Ganeva

Business Development Executive

Mantas Tumosa

UX/UI Designer

Ron Singh

Marketing Executive

Christina Khoury

Marketing Executive

Shelley Banfield


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